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Don’t let your still be production bottleneck.  The CF-1000 is a single pass solution for producing spirits up to 95% ABV. The CF-1000 recovers 25% more alcohol, requires 50% less time and recovers 3 times more alcohol per hour than a traditional pot still. With a standard height of 18 feet, the CF-1000 can be further customized to fit almost any location.  And with the standard 6-month lead time, the CF-1000 will be ready when you are.

Full Still

Full Still

Vodka Still (Full Complete Still)

Whiskey Still

Whiskey Still

Column 1 + barbet–removes heads and produces whiskey, rum and other low-proof spirits

Stripping Still

Stripping Still

Column 1 only.  Produces low-wines to be finished in a pot

The first skid serves as a stripping column with continuous discharge. The twin columns of the second skid rectify from a whiskey to as high as 95% ABV. The CF-1000 can be fitted to run by direct steam injection and/or external reboiler. Heads are split from the spirit continuously, drawn off without intervention by the user. The stills allow for a greater separation of Heads and Tails compounds, resulting in a far greater recovery of ethanol as compared to traditional pot-style distillation.

Headframe Spirits Manufacturing
THe process at Headframe Spirits Manufacturing



And then we shall gather our minions and create the most stellar of stills.


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